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Kenneth Watson Memorial

KENNETH WATSON Memorial, Obituary, and Celebration of Life


Ken will be honored for his service as a US Marine during the Korean war with a military burial and graveside memorial at the Houston National Cemetery.

Sept. 11th @ 1:00pm.
10410 Veterans Memorial Dr., Houston, TX 77038
Link to cemetery location…here
* Please gather in the parking lot, behind the main building, where you will be escorted to the grave site at 1 pm.

The service will be followed by a “Celebration of Life” gathering at a nearby restaurant, location arranged by Toby Watson.
KenWatson Celebration of Life” location:  WINGS & MORE, 9410 North Freeway


Kenneth Watson, 81, died September 2, 2012, with his daughter by his side in Houston, TX.

Ken was born January 12, 1931, in Corpus Christi to Jesse and Arla Watson. He is survived by his two children, Katrina and Tobin, his former wives, Pat Taylor, and June Powers.

Ken was a Marine Sergeant during the Korean War (1952-53), where in addition to his officer duties he played football for their team.

Ken loved the sport of football and was a professional athlete who spent his early years as a college and semi-pro football player. He attended and played for the University of Houston between 1954-56. Later, his football career led him to play semi-pro as a lineman on the Edmiston Eskimos of Canada, the Dallas Texans, and the Houston Flyers, where he also coached.

Ken had many entertaining stories about his adventures, which included attending football games and chili cook offs, socializing, fishing, playing basketball, and especially dancing with the ladies. One of his favorites is when he and George W. Bush would play basketball at the Houston YMCA, where “W” fondly called him “Bulldog.” Ken was well loved for his warm and friendly presence.

Ken is sincerely missed by his many friends who loved being with him.

** The family expresses it’s appreciation to Judge Ross Sears for generously placing Ken’s obituary in the Houston Chronicle, Monday, September 10, 2012


“Always upbeat and personable.” ~ Gail Bowers Lucas, Houston, Texas (9/10/12)

Friends at the Memorial Service


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  1. When Ken was playing at the U of H, he and Pat lived on Tuam Street. My mother, known as Muggsy, was the manager of the apartments. One night, the players were having a giant party at Don Caraway’s apt. on Tuam. Someone reported the party as “too loud” and a Houston Paddy Wagon picked up about 12 players including my mother and took them to jail! Ken told the jailer that Muggsy was just the manager and had come to our apt. to kep us quiet. She had nothing to do with the party! Ken hugged Muggsy and called me to come get her. I will never forget Ken–his great smile, his compassion and especially his love for life. Signed, Fella Knight

    Comment by Granville "Fella" Knight — September 7, 2012 @ 10:50 am

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