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Katrina planting cedar tree

Katrina planting cedar tree

Planting along the river.

The ongoing care of EARTH HEAVEN includes planting trees in the forest, especially along the river. Salmon spawn throughout the two miles of river that runs through my land. The riparian area is a key environment for maintaining a healthy stream and feeding the fish. Trees provide not only food for the stream, but shade to keep the temperature cooler. Fallen logs influence the shape of the river banks and can provide spawning pools, especially if they collect gravel.

When I purchased this land in 1991, the previous owners had clearcut most of the trees and planted a monoculture of conifer trees. It has been my job since then to bring the forest back to it’s natural balance of conifer, spruce, hemlock and cedar trees. Alders grow like weeds and feed the forest of older trees. Maples, including viney maples, are interspersed throughout the woods.

Environmental enhancement programs through federal, state and county agencies have invited me to work with them on various programs from forestry to stream enhancement, especially for salmon protection and preservation. Together we have restored this beautiful land to a healthy forest with a sustainable future.

Grandmother Spruce in the snow

Grandmother Spruce in the snow

Fortunately, there is a 300 year old blue spruce tree on the front of the property, my sacred “grandmother” tree who protects us all. Imagine the history and changes she has lived through.

Stewarding this land is a spiritual calling, helping her heal from the rape she has suffered at the hands of greed. The rewards are great and peace is present as the trees and I change and grow together.

I was joking with a local friend about our rapture with the green of spring in Oregon. Be both laughed as I commented it is like forgetting the pain of childbirth/winter when we see our beautiful child emerge as the lush green and new life of spring. Here are some photos of Earth Heaven in celebration of the green joy of spring.

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