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January 29, 2007



I created this website so you can find me on the internet.
Each of my “Pages” on the right have links for more information and a specific email address.

DogFamily* Counselor/Mediator/Life Coach
* Radio Artist
* Weddings/Ceremonialist/Minister
* Teacher
* Writer
* Philosopher
* Organizer/Facilitator
* Environmentalist/Forrester
* Farmer/Animal Breeder-Trainer
* Gardener/Herbalist
* Natural Health Educator
* Craftsperson
* Musician
* Dancer

In the future I hope to have more interesting and resourceful information on this website.
But for now, here is my basic contact information:

Email: mail@KatrinaWynne.org
Website: http://www.KatrinaWynne.org

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